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Bob AlapahaBob Alapaha is a passionate business man who is also currently president of the local chamber of commerce.

Bob takes the opportunity in this blog to write about his dealings with local business and offers little nuggets of advice along the way.

Currently a local Service Station owner operator Bob also has dabbled in other local businesses in the past being a Hardware Store owner and at one time a News Agent. Bob had started his working life as a brickie’s labourer so when it comes to a good knowledge and diversity of local business then Bob knows as much as anyone.

Being the local Service Station owner/operator Bob gets to chat with all the local tradesman as well as shop owners and hears all the local gossip and is fully abreast of all the goings on in our local businesses.

This blog aims to talk about local business and highlight the everyday problems a local business owner has and offers up solutions on how to get around problems in your business.

Welcome to Alapaha Station where business and friendly banter meet. I hope you enjoy your stay and continue to come back.

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